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The Kansas Continuing Legal Education Commission is responsible for the administration of the rules and regulations for continuing legal education.
Check your MyKSCLE account regularly
We encourage all active attorneys to review their online account on a regular basis. The online account will note any deficiencies or fees owed. By reviewing this information regularly, it will avoid any surprises at the end of the compliance period.

Your MyKSCLE account is updated each night. If you have submitted an address change, please allow 48 hours before it is reflected online. Annual fee notices will be mailed to the address of record in early May 2017. Please take a moment today and double-check your mailing address by logging in to your MyKSCLE account. There is still time to submit an address change prior to mailing the fee notices.

If you still have questions after reviewing the most current information with your MyKSCLE account, feel free to contact our office staff. Please have your Kansas Supreme Court number available before calling.

Please allow processing time when submitting affidavits and applications for approval. It is helpful to understand that providers of CLE for in-state programs may take up to 30 days to submit affidavits after a program occurs. If you have attended a program outside the state of Kansas, you should submit the notice of accreditation within 30 days.

Electronic Compliance Notification—Fast, Accurate & Green.
In 2012, KS CLE Interim Transcript Reports for compliant lawyers shifted from paper to electronic format.  This change makes sense for several reasons:  It is faster.   It saves paper.  It supports long standing service and automation objectives of the Kansas CLE Commission.   Most importantly, online transcripts provide Kansas lawyers with the most accurate and up-to-date record of their CLE status.
To sign up for electronic compliance notifications, create a MyKSCLE account today.   If you already have a MyKSCLE account you don’t need to do anything.   Interim compliance notifications will be automatically delivered to the email address used to create your account.
This change is good for the earth, good for the Supreme Court of Kansas and good for you.
Contact Kansas Continuing Legal Education Commission
400 S Kansas Ave, Suite 202
Topeka, Kansas 66603
(785) 357-6510
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